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Wedding programs

Prep your Guests
Make sure the guests understand how the wedding is actually for the sand, thus they will dress appropriately. That is communicated with the invitation (included because of the map/directions), on your wedding web page AND ALSO during word-of-mouth.

Feet Beau Coup Wedding Favors wedding flip flops several beachy couples are usually providing the “shoe valet” through which guests will trade out its Ferragamo pumps with regard to casual flip-flops—which You\'ll have Individual because of the couples name IN ADDITION TO wedding day. Another nice touch is actually to obtain an de-sanding station—soft bristled paint brushes are the fun strategy to wipe the sand via between the toes!

Eyes Remember, your current beach website many likely faces west, consequently the guests will be gazing in your current sun Just like The idea sets. Make sure any individual knows in order to bring sunglasses, hats, visors—you don’t want them squinting at people your current complete time!

Tattooed Bride at beach Remind your current guests in order to bring suitable wraps, could It gets chilly. It’s not a great bad plan to get sweaters, shawls, sweatshirts or even blankets in hand, Just in case Cousin Ann show up without her pashimina. Alternatively, if it’s a great high-noon ceremony inside August, providing cool drinks (you will certainly even order the private-label bottled water!) ALONG WITH paper fans (we love them printed inside wedding programs) would make guests added comfortable.

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