Your Safety is Important to Us!

The college utilizes a cell-phone text messaging system which will be used to distribute and send emergency messages to all subscribers by location. College authorities will utilize the RAVE Panther TextNet for emergency notifications, such as college closings, severe weather, active killer scenarios, and other campus emergencies.

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The LiveSafe app is designed to improve communication for faster emergency response.
Through LiveSafe, you can submit information and chat with safety personnel in both emergency and non-emergency situations, and you can look out for your friends and loved ones by watching them get to their destination safely with SafeWalk. When you submit a tip, you can attach a photo, video clip, or audio clip, and you can submit all of this information anonymously if you choose.  And, when you use LiveSafe to call 911 or contact safety personnel in an emergency, the app can track your location, which helps first responders know exactly where help is needed.

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The Emergency Action Plan provides contingency procedures for employees and students in the event of a campus emergency.

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The Clery Crime Statistics Reports provide the following information on campus security:

  • Campus and community crime statistics
  • Policy Information
  • Safety Tips
  • Resource Phone Numbers
  • Brief Overview of several College Services

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