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Perception vs. reality: Steroids and the people who use them


Anabolic steroids are attractive to professional athletes and bodybuilders because they increase aggressiveness and competitiveness, which are desirable traits in sports, but at what cost?

University of Gothenburg researchers reported in the  April edition of the British Journal of Sports Medicine a prominent link between anabolic-androgenic steroids and mental health problems later in life. By now people know the negative effects steroids have on the body and yet why people continue to use them remains puzzling. Anabolic steroids can cause many serious side effects, some permanent, but winning at any cost is more important to some athletes despite the risks. 

“It’s not surprising that there is a link between anabolic steroids and mental health,” said Mark H. Anshel, professor of sports psychology in the Department of Health and Human performance at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. “There has been countless research over the years looking at roid rage, as research has shown people who use them for a long period of time have a higher level of aggression. It also showed that sometimes they couldn’t explain their reason for their anger which was profound.” - best legal steroids


last update: June 24, 2016