It is the goal of the administrative team at NCCC Mary Grimes School of Nursing to use this group as a portal of communication to pre-nursing students so they may be "empowered to be successful" in their application process to the program.  We will use announcements for any new information and the calendar for important dates (be sure to add the public page calendar as well).  Thank-you for joining the group.  We hope you find it helpful!


Please read the A & P exam information for entrance into the Mary Grimes School of Nursing. To be completed once you pass the TEAS test above 60% on your composite score, and an anatomy and physiology course.

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Nursing Information

Current immunization requirements if accepted into the program. Please start gathering now. If accepted to the Nursing Program in July, all immunizations, background checks and drug screens will be due October 1st. If these are not completed you will lose your position and not be allowed to start in the Nursing Program for spring. 

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How much does the TEAS test cost?
Can I apply to the nursing program before I take the TEAS test?
What are the pre-requisites?
What if I have already taken the TEAS test?
What is the TEAS test and how do I schedule it?
When do I apply to the Nursing Program?
Interested in nursing, now what?
Background and Drug Screen
Do I need to send all of my transcripts?
Are there types of criminal backgrounds that might keep me from being admitted to the nursing program?
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NEW Curriculum Starting Spring 2015 for Mary Grimes School of Nursing Ottawa Campus
High priority