Mary Grimes School of Nursing

This public site is designed to provide general information to prospective students regarding the nursing program at NCCC for the Ottawa Campus.  Prospective students are finding it most beneficial to attend an informational meeting early in their educational process (prior to or at the beginning of taking pre-requisites and general education courses). To determine the best date for you, please see the calendar.
You may become a member of this site by applying to NCCC ( - apply online) in order to obtain an ID number.  Complete an application to join the group (see window at right).  The administrative team (Wendy Rossman, Administrative Assistant) will review your application for membership.  As a member, you will be able to see announcements and other data to keep you up-to-date regarding the preparation and application process.  Thanks for your interest in Mary Grimes School of Nursing. 

General Information

NCCC Mary Grimes School of Nursing has campuses in Chanute and Ottawa, KS and an additional site at Independence, KS.  For additional information about the Ottawa campus, see .  The Ottawa campus offers the options of obtaining an LPN certificate (1st Level - 1st year of the nursing program) and an Associate Degree in Nursing (RN, 1st and 2nd Level - 2 years of the nursing program). 
At the completion of the first year, students are eligible and must take the NCLEX-PN exam in order to become an LPN (licenced practical nurse) and proceed to the 2nd level of the nursing program.  At the completion of the second year, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam in order to become a registered nurse.

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