Q - How does the Book Rental Program work?

A – The book rental program at Neosho was designed to save students money and time by eliminating the stress, and out of pocket costs related to locating your books yourself.   Book rental fees equate to $17 per credit hour.  For a 3 credit hour class, a fee of $51 is built in to your Tuition and Fees.  This cost is covered by Financial Aid if applicable.


Q - When are books available for rent or purchase?

A - Usually within 2 weeks of the start of the class.


Q – How can I find out what my out of pocket costs are?

A – When looking at the Course Search option in myNeosho, look for the ‘+’ plus sign under the Textbooks column.  By clicking the plus sign, it will expand to show any required or optional materials for your class.


Q - I'm taking concurrent classes through my High School.  Do I get my books from you?

A - Sometimes High Schools provide books.  The best way to tell is to check your schedule through myNeosho.  Look for the ‘+’ plus sign which can expand to show any required or optional materials for your class, as well as a notification if your High School provides the books or if they are 'Included Rental', which means the college will provide them.


Q - Can I use my Financial Aid for merchandise or apparel at the Bookstore?

A – Unfortunately, Financial Aid only pays for items deemed necessary or required for your class.   The exceptions are school supplies, and programs such as Nursing where scrub tops are required.


Q - Can I mark or highlight in a rental book?

A – This is tricky!   These books are used for several semesters.  Light highlighting may be okay, but if deemed excessive, you may be charged a damage fee.


Q - Can I have a sibling, parent, friend, or significant other pick up books that I am charging to Financial Aid?

A – No.  The rules for Federal Financial Aid are very strict.   You are responsible for that purchase and you must initiate and sign for your purchase.


Q – My Financial Aid hasn’t been approved yet?  Can I charge a book and make payments?

A – Once a Nelnet payment plan has been established, books can be added to your plan.


Q - If I forget to turn my book in, what is the penalty?

A – Late fees apply.   See our policy on Late Fees.


Q – My book was damaged.  What do I do?

A – Notify the bookstore immediately so damages can be assessed and a replacement provided.   Damage fees may apply, but the most important thing is that you have the materials you need for class.


Q - What happens if I lose my book?

A – That is unfortunate!   Please notify the bookstore immediately so that a replacement can be provided.   Replacement fees may apply, but the most important thing is that you have the materials you need for class.


Q - Can someone else pick up my purchase or rental books?

A - Because we are bound by FERPA, (a student right to privacy) the person you are authorizing must be listed on your Consent to Release.


Q - If I drop a class, when do I return by book?

A - As soon as possible to avoid misplacing books you are not using daily.


Q:  I’d like to sell my old books, does the Bookstore buy back my textbooks when I’m finished with them?

A:   Unfortunately, we do not. However, we have partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange to provide that option to students. You can find the link on the bookstore web-site to ‘Sell your Books’ to a 3rd party. They even offer Free Shipping!