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Updated Information Coming Soon
High priority

Most of you have many questions regarding upcoming testing times and how the COVID-19 quarantine will affect you and your journey at NCCC. Please know that our staff and faculty will get those answers to you as soon as possible. Faculty and staff personne...

2 Shot Hep B series

There is a Hep B series for your 2nd round that is only 2 shots:

Heplisav-B (HepB-CpG) vaccine as an option for incompletely vaccinated persons. This vaccination is only 2 shots 4 weeks apart. So you can get a shot and 4 weeks get a titer drawn. If negativ...

Accepted Bridge Students Page
High priority

The Accepted Bridge Students page is for you to know what will be coming in your "Acceptance Letter" when you are accepted into the Summer Bridge Course. NURS 201. I wanted you to know what all it is going to take once you receive an Acceptance letter.