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Current Chanute Campus Level:  Level Four (Masks Optional)
Current Ottawa Campus Level:  Level Four (Masks Optional)
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COVID Guide for Neosho Panthers

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Students and employees are asked to continue to pay attention to email and notifications for updates.


COVID Protocol FAQs

Updated 2022-08-12


  • Do I have to wear a mask on campus?
    • Masks are optional indoors for all. This mask decision will be reviewed frequently.
  • What kind of masks do you recommend?
    • Per CDC guidelines, we recommend those who opt to wear a mask, find one that fits you well and that you will wear consistently. CDC recommends using an N95 or KN95 mask, if possible. However, short of this, the CDC recommends wearing a surgical mask under a cloth mask. Masks with breathable valves are not recommended.
  • Is social distancing still required on campus?
    • No. According to current CDC guidance, social distancing is no longer necessary.
  • Will I be asked to self-isolate after exposure to COVID-19?
    • According to CDC guidance, you will not be asked to isolate after exposure. We do ask you to monitor your health for any symptoms of COVID-19. If you experience any symptoms, please get tested immediately. NCCC accepts the results of home tests, as well as those from a health care provider. You no longer need to submit a COVID reporting form after exposure; only if you test positive.
  • Under what conditions will I be self-isolated?
    • Generally, NCCC follows the isolation guidance from CDC, KDHE, and the local health departments. Current CDC guidance is to isolate only after testing positive for COVID-19. If you test positive, please submit the COVID reporting form.
  • If I test positive, where can I self-isolate?
    • If you are a resident hall student, we prefer you self-isolate at home, however for those unable to do so, special accommodations may be arranged for you on campus.
  • What are the COVID symptoms and what should I do if I have one of these symptoms?
    • There is a wide range of symptoms associated with COVID. The most common include sore throat, fever, headache, and fatigue. A full list can be found on the CDC website. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should test immediately.
  • What does asymptomatic mean?
    • This means “without symptoms”.  With COVID, it is possible to test positive and spread the infection to others without having active symptoms.
  • How does COVID spread?
    • Per CDC transmission information, the virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks (CDC).  Please refer to CDC’s website for more information.
  • What if I test positive or know someone who has tested positive?
  • Can we go home for the weekend or travel out of town?
    • The college has no restrictions on student’s personal travel.  Some college programs or activities may have specific restrictions.
  • How do I get tested?
    • Contact your local health provider or county health department for additional information. In addition, the College accepts the results from home COVID tests and may have tests available for your use. While available, tests may be picked up from many locations at the Chanute and Ottawa campuses.
  • How do I get vaccinated?
    • Vaccination resources are available; however, you may wish to consult with your medical professional before being vaccinated.
  • Is the college limiting travel?
    • No; however, when traveling for the college, please check the KDHE Travel Guidelines. You may be required to isolate upon return, if traveling to a hotspot as determined by KDHE. Travelers and supervisors should check the KDHE Travel Guidelines the day before travel is scheduled and again upon return.
  • Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask?
    • Masks are optional on campus at this time. The CDC does not recommend the use of face shields.
  • Are we required to follow NCCC mask rules while on a NCCC-sponsored trip?
    • Currently, no masks are required at NCCC; however, if that changes then, yes. While traveling, groups need to follow NCCC rules, unless the college rules are less stringent than those of the destination. For instance, if the college is “mask optional” and the destination is “mask required,” NCCC groups should comply with the mask requirement. Conversely, if the college is “mask required” and the destination is “mask optional,” NCCC groups should comply with the NCCC mask requirement.



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